Discolouration Monitoring, Interpretation & Asset Deterioration Management - Delivering the success of PODDS research

PODDS has delivered valuable practical research outputs from exploration of all aspects of discolouration, coupled with discussion and debate that is informed by wide ranging real world examples and situations from multiple project partners. The outcomes have seen delivery of evidence based pioneering strategies, including industry accepted monitoring and modelling tools, widespread inclusion in PR19 submissions, long term operational benefits, improved risk management and significant cost-savings with improvements in levels of service and customer satisfaction.  In July 2019 OFWAT published their emerging strategy for regulating water in which they state “that the adoption of innovative approaches is key to delivering long-term resilience… in a cost-effective and sustainable way” and a desire “to see companies work more effectively together and with their supply chain to better tackle these challenges.”  These declarations echo the work and achievements of the PODDS project since its inception. To sustain and grow PODDS delivered advances and promote desirable pro-active and efficient water quality management strategies, a two year #PODDS project is proposed to continue the research and development, current company bespoke support and facilitate sharing of best practices. The research will focus on improving understanding of asset deterioration rates that are critical to inform operational and maintenance schedules whilst investigating value obtainable from location, extent, hosting and interpretation of data from network monitoring


PODDS Visual Summary - A useful summary document to share PODDS understanding/

A Research Feature suitable for a general audience about PODDS and titled "How two engineers are solving the UK's number one water quality complaint" is linked here...



VCDM Introductory Course - video and Powerpoint slides

VCDM Online Modelling - test file and maintenance planner


PODDS Related Company Publications

1: June 2016 - Scottish Water Vision magazine "...£15 million saving..."

2: September 2016 - Northumbrian Water in Water & Wastewater Treatment "...90% capital cost saving..."

PODDS Epanet model parameters can be seen here.

PODDS Epanet Model, Discolouration Risk Analysis Tool and PODDS Epanet Manual available here.

Contaminant Ingress Distribution (CID) videos


Regulating Discolouration in the UK. This document has been produced to stimulate discussion regarding the current regulation of discolouration related issues in the UK. It attempts to capture some key aspects that have arisen during PODDS events. The questions raised are substantive and potentially controversial.

NTU Equivalence - set of plots that demonstrate how turbidity correlates with iron and manganese from national and international PODDS trials.


Some examples of PODDS mediated savings are highlighted in table (click table to get pdf document)





1. 25th February 2020, PLB E05, University of Sheffield: Agenda, presentation and minutes

2. 3rd June 2020, Video-conference, Agenda, presentation and minutes

2. 8th September 2020, Video-conference, Agenda, presentation and minutes





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