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Flushing Operations

Laboratory Pipe Rig


Flushing Operations

1. Current version of modified standpipe used for flushing operations (2006)

2. Nightime flushing operation with United Utilities (2005)

3. Monitoring inlet conditions, Anglian Water (2003) _4. Logging computer, turbidity probe and ancillaries (2003)

5. CENSAR turbidity probe and flow-throuogh housing (2002) _____6. Flushing with United Utilities (2006)--------

7. Flushing with Severn Trent Water (2006) ----------8. Flushing with Yorkshire Water (2005)

9. "Red Water" - flushing an iron main (2005) ---------10. Flushing with Northumbrian Water (2005)


11. 'Good weather' flushing with Veolia water (2005) ----------12. Monitoring off iron pipe section removal, Anglian ---------------------------------Water (2004)

13. Iron pipe section removed showing tuberculation, Anglian Water (2004)


Laboratory Pipe Rig

1. Pilot laboratory pipe loop, constructed 2003 Department of Civil and Structural Engineering, University of Sheffield

2 & 3. First stage construction of full pipe loop in purpose built temperature controlled facility and 90mm HPPE pipe after delivery (2007)

4 & 5. Development of pipe loop, 3 x 200m sections (November 2007)

6. Pipe loop in operation (August 2008).

The computer collects data from the flow (3x), pressure (6x) and other loggers including turbidity and controls the valve settings to allow hydraulic manipulation.

7 & 8, Students monitoring the pipe rig during experiments (August 2008)

9. Appreciation for the scale of the Laboratory pipe rig. Note the climate controlling units on the ceiling (August 2008).





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