In the final assessment of this research project, the highest attainable commendation of "Outstanding" was achieved by peer review. A massive 'thank-you' to everyone involved who made this possible.

Prediction and control of discolouration events was funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) at the University of Sheffield.

A model has been developed that describes the processes associated with the discolouration of potable water within distribution systems. The model has been calibrated through extensive field trials using novel research techniques and equipment. Subsequently, it has been incorporated as a Water Quality module within the US EPANET simulation model (freeware software) and allows the simulation of discolouration events in response to hydraulic disequilibria within distribution networks. The model represents a major development in the understanding of the processes associated with the causes of discolouration events and may be used by water companies to assess their distribution operation and maintenance strategies. The model has been shown to be transferable between networks ( UK, Holland and Australia) and has established new collaborations with researchers in the US, Canada, Holland and Australia. Although the funding has now ceased, continuing research is desired to increase the number of data sets available to further develop the model applications.

A poster has been produced to help explain the aims and objectives of this research, including the companies involved and initial work. (July 2003)






Research Associate - Mr. Stewart Husband

Project Management - Dr. Joby Boxall

Project Investigator - Prof. Adrian Saul

Project Investigator - Prof. Robert Edyvean

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