This project is a means for Water Suppliers to lead the international water industry in developing and producing justifiable guidelines for planning operational and maintenance strategies to manage discolouration. This is based on an ability to use the extensively verified PODDS computaional model to simulate discolouration in water distribution systems through changes in network hydraulics and water quality.

PODDS IV specifically aims to:
o To develop and verify PODDS parameter datasets such that material mobilisation predictions can be confidently made for transmission (trunk main) pipe systems leading to justified pro-active operation and management strategies.
o To quantify material generation rates in trunk main systems and hence explore the relative costs and benefits of regular enhanced conditioning versus out of service cleaning for trunk main systems.
o Combine leading edge knowledge and understanding to develop a holistic framework for managing discolouration from ‘treatment to tap’.

In addition to the above novel aims for PODDS IV, work will continue in three other main areas:
o To undertake field based regeneration trials to verify the impact of trunk mains operations and holistic management approaches.
o Quantification of the relative influence of different possible controlling factors on material accumulation and subsequent mobilisation processes under controlled conditions within plastic potable water distribution systems pipes, focusing on the role of microbial communities.
o Continue with efforts to facilitate independent verification of the DRAT tool and if deemed of value explore its further development and use as part of the holistic management approach.
o Develop a PODDS user Forum







Research Associate - Dr. Stewart Husband

Project Management - Professor Joby Boxall

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